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storing tires

Storing my tires


What are the basics?

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  • If you switch between sets of tires, proper storage ensures that your tires’ appearance and performance are maintained.
  • Tires should always be stored in a cool, dry, clean, indoor environment.

If tires sit outdoors, unused for long periods of time (a month or more), their surfaces will become dry and surface cracks can appear.

Before storing your tires:

  • Before removing your tires, note their position on your car. This will allow you to properly rotate your tires next time you mount them to ensure that they wear evenly.
  • Inspect each one for damage or uneven wear.
  • Clean your wheels and tires with water and dry them well to limit any corrosion.
  • Remove any stones or debris that have been trapped in the tire grooves.


Storing your tires:

  • Store your tires indoors in a clean, cool and dark location away from direct sunlight, sources of heat and ozone such as hot pipes or electric generators.
  • If you are storing outdoors (recommended for a short time only), raise tires off the ground and use waterproof covering with holes to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Be sure the surfaces on which tires are stored are clean and free from grease, gasoline, solvents, oils or other substances that could deteriorate the rubber.
  • For aesthetic reasons, if your tires have whitewall or raised white lettering, store them with the whitewall or raised white lettering facing each other. Otherwise, black rubber could stain them.
  • If tires are on a vehicle parked for a long period, the weight of the vehicle needs to be taken off the tires by jacking it up or removing the tires. Failure to do this may cause irreversible damage.
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How to store tires with rims

If you need to store tires that are mounted on rims, hang them up or stack them. Do not store them standing upright.

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How to store tires without rims

If the tires are not fitted on rims, do not stack or hang them. Store them standing up.

Tire Registration

Make sure your tires are registered to receive direct notification in the event of a safety-related recall.

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