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Motorcycles and Scooters

From custom cruiser to scooter and everything in between, find the perfect MICHELIN® motorcycle tire for your lifestyle. Browse by riding experience, access exclusive offers, and discover tips and advice.



Whether you’re tackling mountain trails or cruising open roads, equipping your bicycle with the perfect tires is necessary. Explore our wide range of MICHELIN® bike tires for all activity levels and adventure types.


Michelin Tweel

Put an end to punctures and air pressure maintenance when you switch to MICHELIN® TWEEL® Airless Radial Tires. Available for mowers, steel skid loaders, ATVs, UTVs, golf carts and more.


Trucks & Trailers

Arm your fleet and maximize uptime with MICHELIN® Truck Tires. Whether your application need is urban or rural, MICHELIN® Truck Tires make sure every tire on the road is built to improve your bottom line.


Michelin Lifestyle

Your tires have a unique tread, and so should your accessories. With designs inspired by MICHELIN® high-performance tires, we have created an elevated selection of footwear, bicycle, moto, and vehicle accessories that provide our customers with the many MICHELIN® features they know and love.


Michelin Guide

The ultimate international hub for foodies. Consult our MICHELIN® Guide for a curated selection of over 8000 restaurants in cities across the globe, and learn all about the history of the original famed Michelin Guide.


Mining & Construction

With the #1 radial tire for surface mines and a hands-on service offer, the MICHELIN® Earthmover Tire segment provides you with the tools to optimize operations along with recommendations from our mining and construction industry experts.


Agricultural and Farming

MICHELIN® Agricultural Tires develop tractor tires designed to handle heavy loads for all types of field work. Find the right fit for your agricultural equipment using our Tire Selector Tool and discover exclusive offers.




Safety, comfort, and noise reduction are among the top concerns for urban commuters. MICHELIN® Metro Tires answers these concerns by producing innovative light metro, heavy metro, and monorail tires for rail and urban transport network operators around the world.



Prepare for takeoff with MICHELIN® Aircraft Tires for application on commercial and regional airlines, general aviation and military aviation. With aviation operations in 87 countries and 50 years of experience in aircraft tire production, Michelin continues to offer the best in aircraft tire innovations and safety.


Tablet Hotels

Make your travel dreams a reality with the MICHELIN® Tablet Hotel experience. A curated selection of the world’s top boutique hotels and luxury stays will add a unique touch to your next destination. Book & browse hotels, city guides, architectural design, and much more.

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