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Sidewall Damage


Symptom: indentation

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Diagnostic: This is not a problem. It is the normal radial sidewall.

  • Indentations are quite natural on radial tires (most tires) and will not affect performance.
  • Your tires feature one or more layers of fabric cord within its sidewall construction that run parallel to each other. (Steel cords are used within the tread.) Where the cords overlap, there is often slight indentation.

Symptom: bulge or bubble

Diagnostic: Tire Damage That Requires Repair

A tire with a bulge or bubble cannot be repaired.

  • A bulge or bubble on the sidewall of a tire generally indicates damaged cords caused by a severe impact.
  • Damaged cords are often accompanied by a visible break in the inner liner.
  • If cords have been damaged, air has infiltrated into the plies and can result in a bulge.
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Immediately replace the tire with the spare and take the tire to an authorized Michelin tire retailer for a proper inspection.

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