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We help you find the right tires size for your car


Finding out your car’s tire size is not as complicated as it might seem. We have listed here all the car tire sizes available to make it easy for you.


To choose the right tire size, open your vehicle owner’s manual or your driver’s side door: the tire size of your car and loading information is there.


For example, if you read 205/55/R16 91H, it means:


  • The width of the tire (in millimeters)
  • The type of construction (R for radial, D for diagonal and B for belted)
  • The wheel diamater (in inches)
  • The speed rating


Once you have found your car’s tire size, first click on the right wheel diameter indicated in inches, and find all the available Michelin tires for your need.


If you prefer, you can also find your tire by selecting  your car type or usage.

Select your tire size and find the right car tire for you

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