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Safety Recalls

Michelin issues voluntary recall for MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® C-Metric tires sold in the U.S. and Canada.


Michelin North America, Inc. and Michelin North America (Canada), Inc. are voluntarily recalling MICHELIN® Agilis® CrossClimate® C-Metric tires, in sizes 185/60R15C, 195/75R16C, 205/65R15C, 205/75R16C, 225/75R16C, 235/65R16C.  These tires started production in 2018.

Michelin Recalls Small Quantity of Passenger Tires Sold in Canada


Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. has announced a voluntary recall of 377 MICHELIN® CrossClimate™ SUV tires sold in Canada beginning on Sept. 25, 2018.

Michelin issues safety recall for light truck replacement tires


Michelin is recalling certain sizes of its MICHELIN® LTXTM M/S 2, XTM Radial LT2 and LatitudeTM Tour tires. These tires are typically found on light trucks and SUVs.

Michelin issues safety recall for commercial light truck tires


Michelin is recalling one version of a specific size of the MICHELIN® LTXTM M/S tire. These tires are typically found on such vehicles as commercial light trucks, full-sized heavy duty vans, small RVs and some large pickup trucks.

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