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tire inspection

How to Inspect Tires


1.Check your air pressure

See Air pressure: what should I know?

  • It’s quick and can prevent many problems
  • Do it once a month


2. Check the tread wear with one of the three methods:

  • With a tread depth gauge
  • With the tread wear indicators
  • With the quarter test
    1. Put the edge of the coin into the tread, with the Queen going in head first.
    2. If the top of the Queen's head is covered by tread, that's good. If the top of her head is entirely visible, it's time to replace the tire.
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3. Inspect your tires for wear and damage problems

  • We’ve created an easy-to-use online tool to help you identify issues and learn how to fix them.

Use the Tire Inspector Tool

When should I inspect my tires?

  • Once every month
  • Before you go on a long road trip.


Next steps :

  • Any visible perforation, cut or deformation must be checked thoroughly by a tire professional.
  • Only a tire professional can tell you if your tire can be repaired or has to be changed.
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