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Innovation Beyond Tires

Since 1889, Michelin has been innovating to make our lives in motion run smoother and in a more responsible way, while providing peace of mind - all over the world.

The most demanding trust us from car manufacturers and Motorsports to entertainment partners.

Uncompromising brands as valued partners


Prestigious brands trust us to equip their vehicles (cars, motorcycles & bicycles) with our tires.

Designed to win


Michelin has motorsports within its DNA, and its unique experience and relentless focus on innovation have made it the tire of choice for many top racing partners.

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The Most Awarded Tire Brand in Customer Satisfaction.1
#1 for Customer Satisfaction with Original Tires on Luxury Vehicles, 20 Years in a Row.1
#1 for Customer Satisfaction with Original Tires on Truck/Utility Vehicles.1

Motion For Life, Michelin - EV 15s - USA

We Lead The Way In Electric Mobility

We are at the forefront of electric mobility.  Our engineers work closely with car, scooter & bike manufacturers to design tires with performance that matter to electric vehicles owners.
That's why 8 out of 10 electric vehicle manufacturers use MICHELIN tires.

Motion For Life

Visiting a friend, going to work or to school, or just hitting the road... Humankind is always on the move

Motion For Life, Michelin - Winter 30s

Motion for life - Winter Solutions


In the winter, getting behind the wheel has an added layer of stress and discomfort. Driving on a wet snowy road, or a cold icy one, isn’t something you might look forward to: it feels like a compromise to your safety, control and your driving pleasure.

Motion for life - Mountain Bike

The lines you ride, the tires you trust

We design bike tires ready to face any situation whether it's in the city, on the road or even off-the-road. It's surely not a coincidence that pro freeriders, like Cameron Zink, trust our tires for their rides.

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(1) Michelin received the highest number of awards among the Luxury Vehicles, Performance Sport, Passenger Cars and Truck/Utility Vehicle segments over the last thirty-four years total as compared to all other brands in the J.D. Power U.S. Original Equipment Tire and Replacement Tire Customer Satisfaction Studies, measuring owner satisfaction and quality experiences with their tires. Visit for award information


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