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Motion For Life, Michelin - New EV 15s - Canada EN

Michelin, at the forefront of electric mobility

Since its beginnings, Michelin has innovated for a better life in motion, developing solutions to accompany the major developments of the mobility industry. The sector’s profound transformation as it now transitions towards electric vehicles is no exception.

Because of their battery, electric vehicles are heavier than their internal combustion counterparts, and yet boast faster initial acceleration. These specificities, coupled with
the constant quest for greater battery range, all contribute to make EVs particularly
demanding on tires.

Michelin has been developing solutions specifically adapted to these new requirements, allowing electric car owners to enjoy an unparalleled driving experience. So it is no coincidence that Michelin equips more than 8 out of 10 electric vehicle manufacturers in Canada.

An airless tire to equip the future lunar vehicle

Further to a call for tenders launched by NASA for a planned expedition to the south lunar pole, Michelin is working on tires to equip the lunar rovers designed by Northrop Grumman.

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Michelin is actively engaged in the energy transition

Its’ “All Sustainable” strategy is perfectly in line with environmental issues, notably by proposing tires capable of meeting the specific needs of all electric vehicles: cars, bikes, motorbikes, heavy goods vehicles, buses…
Let's see how. 

Michelin and electric vehicles


Motion for life - Recycling

Michelin is investing in recycling to repurpose waste into tires.

Motion for life - Mountain Bike

Michelin designs bike tires ready to encounter any situation a bike can get into: in the city, on the road or even off-road. So that you can have tires you can trust, whatever the use.

Motion for life - Aircraft

Michelin equips one out of three commercial aircraft in the world and ensures the safety of millions of passengers.

brand mission environment

Michelin design process aims to continually reduce the carbon footprint of our tires, from when they’re produced to when you’re driving on them.

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