MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport Family of Tires

From the track to the street, perform on all roads with our legendary collection of ultra-high performance tires.

Sport 4 SUV

Enjoy your ride, we take care of the rest. The Michelin® PILOT**® Sport 4 SUV turns your SUV into a sports car.

  • Outstanding grip and safety.
  • 11% better wet braking and 4% better dry braking.
  • Excellent longevity and SUV-dedicated robustness.
  • 12% longer tread life.
  • Premium sidewall design including rim protection.
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Sport 4 S

Genuine Passion. Exceptional Drives.

  • 1st in dry lap time.
  • 1st in dry braking.
  • 1st in wet braking.
  • 9% better treadlife than the MICHELIN® PILOT® Super Sport.
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Sport Cup 2

On the track or on the street, the highest-caliber cars deserve the highest-quality tires.

  • Faster on a dry track - 1.8 seconds over 5 laps.
  • Faster on a wet track - 1.2 seconds over 5 laps.
  • 50% more track laps.
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Sport A/S 3+

The Pilot® Sport A/S 3+ is Michelin's ultimate Ultra-High Performance All-Season tire combining summer levels of wet and dry grip with cold weather and light snow mobility.

  • More dry grip than a leading competitive max performance summer tire.
  • The shortest wet and dry braking of leading competitive tires in the Ultra High Performance A/S category.
  • 28% better snow traction† than the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport A/S 3.
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Super Sport

Born of endurance racing, MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport gives you an exhilarating ride, as the world’s best performing street tire.

  • Up to 12% better handling than leading competitors.
  • Up to 2x longer lasting than leading competitors.
  • Better braking than leading competitors.
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Drive like a pro

Take your track skills to a new level.
Learn from a diehard driver who's constantly out there mastering the art.


MICHELIN® Promise Plan

A promise of this magnitude can only come from Michelin.

  • 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 3-Year Roadside Assistance
  • Standard Limited Warranty and Limited Mileage Warranty
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