From October 1 to December 18, 2019

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For other questions/comments, contact  or 1-866-755-8887.

What’s the status of my rebate claim?

There are two ways to check the status of your rebate claim. If you submitted your claim online, please log back into your account and select “My claim status”. If you mailed in your rebate claim, you can call 1-866-755-8887 and we’ll provide you with your rebate status.

Why have I received an email that my proof of purchase wasn’t received when I uploaded a copy of my invoice with my online claim?

Please confirm that the file you’ve attached to your submission is a copy of your proof of purchase. Estimates or quotations receipts are not acceptable proof of purchase. Work orders and repair orders are classified as a pre-invoice, therefore should be accompanied with a proof of payment when submitted.

The attachment may be too blurry or too small to be legible. Please preview your proof of purchase file before you attach it to your claim to ensure the information can be seen clearly.

What format can I upload and attach my invoice file to in my online submission?

We accept jpeg, gif, pdf, tif, doc, or docx files. All files must not exceed 2 MB.

I entered my rebate claim on the Michelin website. Do I also need to mail in a copy?

No, please don’t send a copy of your online submission in the mail. Your rebate will be processed from the information you provided on the website.

When will I receive my rebate cheque?

Rebate cheques are received within 6-8 weeks of being approved. Many people receive their cheques in less than 6 weeks. To ensure faster processing of your rebate submission, please ensure that you’ve included all of the required information and that your proof of purchase clearly indicates the date of purchase, the purchase of 4 tires, and the model of the tires purchased.

Why does it take 6-8 weeks to process my claim when I submitted it online?

The Michelin rebate promotion is extremely popular and leads to thousands of submissions, both online and through regular mail. This volume of submissions takes time for us to process. Most rebate cheques are received in less than 6 weeks.

It’s been 8 weeks and I still haven’t received my rebate cheque. What can I do?

For any questions regarding the status of your rebate cheque, please call 1-866-755-8887.

I entered my rebate claim online but made a mistake in my address. How can I correct this?

If you discover that you’ve made an error in your online submission, please contact us as soon as possible at 1-866-755-8887. We can correct the mistake for you.

I bought two sets of tires, one for myself and a second for my wife. Can I receive more than one rebate?

Yes. If you have two separate invoices or your invoice shows proof of purchase for two sets of tires, you’re eligible to receive a rebate on both purchases. Please treat each purchase as a separate submission, ensuring that the proof of purchase provided matches the proper claim. You can still submit your claims online through the website, or they can be mailed in for processing. Please indicate on the top of the invoice two sets of tires have been purchased.

How many submissions can I send in? I have more than two vehicles.

There’s no limit per household. Fleet vehicles aren’t eligible.

Terms & Conditions

* Valid on a set of four new MICHELIN® passenger or light truck tires. Offer expires December 18, 2019. Void where prohibited. © 2019 MNA(C)I. All rights reserved. The “Michelin Man” is a registered trademark licensed by Michelin North America, Inc. T5242 (C17382-A – 07/19) [LEARN MORE +]

Michelin knows how important it is to protect your personal information. Please consult our privacy policy at This offer is not applicable at Costco or Canadian Tire. Offer available at participating Canadian Michelin dealers. Retail and consumer sales only. Federal and provincial taxes will be calculated on the selling price before the rebate. Offer expires December 18, 2019. Void where prohibited. Only new MICHELIN® passenger and light truck tires are eligible. Please allow 6–8 weeks to receive your mail-in rebate. Reserved for Canadian residents only. For further information regarding the mail-in offer, please call 1-866-755-8887 or visit © 2019 MNA(C)I. All rights reserved. (C17382-A - 07/19)