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The next generation of MICHELIN XC tire for fast and nimble handling, whatever the conditions 

54-622 (29x2.10)
(MSPN: 73998)

The next generation MICHELIN XC race tire for quick acceleration and momentum

57-622 (29x2.25)
(MSPN: 36945)

The next generation MICHELIN XC race tire for more grip on rides off the beaten path

57-622 (29x2.25)
(MSPN: 42683)

The MICHELIN XC tire for light duty exploring

54-622 (29x2.10)
(MSPN: 21858)

The MICHELIN Cross-Country tire with confidence boosting grip

57-622 (29x2.25)
(MSPN: 02050)

The most agile cross-country tire for intensive use

54-559 (26x2.10)
(MSPN: 42170)

For racing in muddy conditions

52-622 (29x2.00)
(MSPN: 21597)
52-559 (26x2.00)
(MSPN: 08405)
47-559 (26x1.95)
(MSPN: 60773)

Enjoy your rides to the full by making less effort on hard, dry terrain

52-559 (26x2.00)
(MSPN: 11326)
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