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Preparation for Winter

Get Your Car Winter Ready

When it comes to winter driving in Canada, you can never be too prepared. As much as we love the winter months and all of the fun activities they have to offer, driving conditions can be quite unpredictable. Here at Michelin, safety always comes before anything else, which is why we strive to provide the most high performance, reliable tires. To take it a step further, we want to provide all of the tips and information to help you prepare your car for winter driving. In the sections below, you'll find everything you need to know about preparing your car for winter, when you need to put your winter tires on, and the necessary verifications and materials you need before hitting the road. Stay safe and enjoy the ride!

View of the snowy road from passenger seat.

How to Prepare Your Car for the Canadian Winter

Are winter tires necessary? Do they perform on black ice? Find out everything you need to know about winter tires to make sure that your vehicle can take on the harsh winter roads.

First aid emergency kits.

Verifications & Materials for Winter Driving

You can never be too prepared when driving on winter roads. Stay safe this winter by making sure that you have everything you need in case of an emergency.

View of car with winter tires on the snow covered road.

When to Put on Winter Tires in Each Province

Living in Canada, it's important to have your winter tires on at the right time to keep you and your family safe. Find out when you need to make the switch in each province.

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