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Electric car being charged at charging station in the winter.



Electric Cars in Winter

Our Guide to Safe Winter Driving in Electric Vehicles

There's no doubt that the presence of innovative electric and hybrid vehicles is constantly growing. If you look carefully, you'll notice that more and more drivers are turning towards sustainable options when it comes to driving. As electric and hybrid vehicles become more prevelant, questions regarding choosing the right winter tires for electric vehicles and safe winter driving tips have been on the rise. At Michelin, we strive to provide not only the most high performance tires, but also our expert road safety recommendations so that you can hit the road with peace of mind, every single time. Take a look at our tips for choosing winter tires for your electric vehicle to find out more!

Pilot Sport EV Tire close up

Winter Tire Guide for Hybrid & Electric Cars

Discover everything you need to know when it comes to winter tires and winter driving with electric and hybrid cars.

Carl Nadeau driving

EV Winter Driving with Carl Nadeau

This winter, feel more prepared than ever with former racecar driver Carl Nadeau's driving tips! 

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