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  • All-season


  • Mud and Snow

    Mud and Snow

  • Light Truck


  • Light Truck
  • Fuel efficient
  • Long lasting
  • Kilometers warranty: 95,000 kilometers. See warranty for details.
  • Standard Limited Warranty: 6 years
  • All-season


  • Mud and Snow

    Mud and Snow

Why should you consider this tire?


Light truck tire that offers excellent fuel efficiency and long tread life.

consumes less fuel

Better fuel efficiency than leading competitors* .

Fuel-efficient EnergySaver Construction™ results in an easier rolling tire to help lower fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions from your engine.

lasts x miles longer

Long-lasting even tread wear.

 MaxTouch Construction™ maximizes the tire's contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking and cornering, resulting in longer wear.

lasts x miles longer

Steel-belt durability.

Steel belts provides incredible durability and strength to handle loads.

Michelin always aims to bring together multiple performances.


At MICHELIN®, we continuously push safety, durability and fuel efficiency, and even more performances, all at the same time and with no trade-offs. That’s what we mean by MICHELIN® Total PerformanceTM, which has and will always be our difference on every tire.


95,000 Kilometer Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty

These MICHELIN® tires carry a 95,000 kilometer limited warranty in addition to the standard materials and workmanship warranty for treadwear or mileage.

Download PDF Version of Warranty

  • Available on: LTX™ A/S™
  • Speed Rating: T

Standard Limited Warranty

All MICHELIN® tires have a Standard Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

Download PDF Version of Warranty

*Mileage Warranty Exceptions

Split fitments – If your vehicle has tires of different sizes on the front versus the rear axles, your tires cannot be rotated as recommended. Therefore, the mileage warranty on each rear tire will cover half the number of kilometres as the standard mileage warranty for that particular tire line. ZP (Zero Pressure) tires – The maximum mileage warranty for ZP tires is 50,000 kilometres.

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548 reviews
5 / 5

Longest Lasting Tires I've Ever Had

RS88FAN - May 28, 2015

Had a set of LTX All Season Tires come from the factory on my 2004 F150 brand new when I bought it, had 93,000 miles on them with normal rotation every 6,000 miles. Would highly recommend these tires, they last forever with routine maintenance. Had no problems with them.

  • Safety
  • Performance
5 / 5

I go nowhere without my LTX's.

kenny - December 9, 2014

the best of any tire,any.

    1 / 5

    very nervous

    Anonymous - October 20, 2014

    I have your ltx a/s tires on my truck... oddly all four still have plenty of tread , they still have nibs, but on the driver's side only the tires are cracking in between the treads..I'm disabled and sure get nervous driving. I was told by the dealership they can replace they it would only cost me alittle over 301 a tire my truck only has 35920 miles???

      5 / 5

      Great Tires

      Anonymous - September 2, 2014

      I use these on my F-150 Fx4 . great ride and handling. Have owned 5 sets of these and loved every one of them.

        1 / 5

        Poor treadlife

        Tundra2012 - August 27, 2014

        Came OEM on my 2012 Tundra. Despite following the rotation schedule, the tires are nearing end of life after about 3 years and 27000 miles. Tears have developed around the outer edge of tread. I'm shopping for tires now, would not recommend these.

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          Does this tire fit my vehicle?

          1 size available for this tire


          P275/65R18 114T T BSW
          MSPN 05107
          Kilometers Warranty 95,000
          Section Width on Measuring Rim Width 11.00" on 8.00"
          Overall Diameter 815.0
          Max Load, Single (LB @ PSI) 1120 @ 44
          Sidewall Black Sidewall
          Revs/MI 403
          Tire Weight 39.79
          Rim Width Range (Min/Max) 7.50"-9.50"
          Tread Depth (in 32nds) 10.5

          Legal mentions

          • *Comparisons based on fuel efficiency testing between MICHELIN® LTX® A/S tires, Bridgestone® Dueler® H/T 684, and Goodyear® Wrangler® SR-A tires. Fuel savings are estimates based on comparative rolling resistance. Actual on-road savings may vary.

          OE Code [Original Equipment Key]: DC = DaimlerChrysler, F = Ford, T = Toyota

          TT = Traditional Tread, NT = New Tread

          >>The dimensions shown are average tire design values for tires measured on specified measuring rim widths. Some tires may vary from this value by +/- 3% of the section height (affecting overall diameter), and +/- 4% of the section width.

          WARNING: Serious or fatal injury may result from improper mounting, from underinflation/overinflation/overloading or from tire damage due to abusive use.

          Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. doe not endorse the operation of any vehicle in an unsafe or unlawful manner. Excceding the safe, legal speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.

          IMPORTANT: While all-season tires are designed to provide reliable performance in moderate winter conditions, the use of four (4) tires is recommended for optimal preformance and may be mandatory in certain jurisdictions.

          DANGER: Never mount a 14" diameter tire on a 14.5" rim, or a 15" diameter tire on a 15.5" rim, or a 16" diameter tire on a 16.5" rim, or a 17" diameter tire on 17.5" rim, or a 19" diameter tire on a 19.5" rim, or a 22" diameter tire on a 22.5" rim, or a 24" diameter tire on a 24.5" rim.

          Passenger sizes in Light Truck/SUV applications have reduced load capacity. This will differ from the maximum load branded on the tire sidewall.

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