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Michelin Donates $40,000 to Breakfast Club of Canada

Funds will be used to nurture the potential of students.


While a return to a new normal is slowly approaching, the effects of the pandemic are still very present, and some children and their families unfortunately start their day without a healthy breakfast.

Michelin has joined the Breakfast Club of Canada in their work to change that.

As part of the winter tire promotion in Canada, in November Michelin announced it would donate $1 to the Club for every $70 mail-in rebate claimed by consumers, up to $40,000. This week, Michelin presented the Club with a cheque for that amount.

“We are very grateful for this important support from Michelin,” says Marie-Eve Desrochers, Senior Advisor, Corporate Partnerships at Breakfast Club of Canada. “Effectively promoting food security for children takes an entire team and partners like Michelin play a key role in the work we do and in the continued advancement of our mission.”

The benefits of eating a healthy meal at school are scientifically proven and research shows that a nutritious meal helps to create a caring and inclusive school community, to improve learning capacities, and to foster a sense of engagement and belonging. The Club serves more than 500,000 a year, through more than 3,300 breakfast programs across the country.

“The education of young people is important to the long-term sustainability of communities, which is an important focus for Michelin,” says Sylvaine Cuniberti, Director of Marketing at Michelin Canada. “The impacts of breakfast programs are not only huge for children, but also generate positive changes in school communities and our society. Through this partnership between Michelin Canada and Breakfast Club of Canada, we hope to inspire future leaders!”.

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