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Premier® A/S

Luxury Performance Touring

SAFE WHEN NEW. SAFE WHEN WORN. Making your safety the #1 priority, the MICHELIN® Premier A/S tire is designed to provide exceptional all-season 1 grip - even when half-worn. 2

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is for a tire only (i.e., excluding services such as mounting, balancing and tire disposal) and is applicable for all provinces and territories of Canada. Actual pricing may vary based on retailer, region, tire size and other factors. Retailers are free to set individual prices. Please check with your local Michelin tire dealer for pricing near you.


While all-season tires are designed to provide reliable performance in moderate winter conditions, the use of four winter tires is recommended for optimal performance and may be mandatory in certain jurisdictions.


Safe refers to wet braking, wet handling and hydroplaning resistance when tires are new and worn to 5/32". All tires eventually wear out and should be replaced. Half-worn Premier tires are safe because of EverGrip Technology, which combines an evolving tread with a high-traction compound for enhanced wet braking capabilities. Based on internal wet braking tests from 60 and 80 km/h vs. new Goodyear® Assurance® TripleTred A/S tires in sizes 235/55R17 (99H) and P215/60R16 (94V), new Bridgestone® Turanza Serenity Plus tire in size 215/60R16 (95V); using the MICHELIN® Premier A/S tires in sizes 235/55R17 (99H) and 215/60R16 (95V) buffed to 5/32" of tread on a 2012 Cadillac CTS and Honda Accord vehicles. Actual on-road results may vary.

>> The sizes shown are average design values for tires measured on specified measuring rim widths.  Some tires may vary from this value by +/-3% of the section height (affecting overall diameter), and +/-4% of the section width.
>> Section width varies approximately 0.2" (5mm) for every 0.5" change in rim width.
>> Tread patterns are often tuned to accomodate different tire widths.  Tires for a particular dimension of a given tireline may vary in appearance from the tire shown in the photograph.
WARNING: Serious or fatal injury may result from tire failure due to underinflation or overloading. To ensure correct air pressure and vehicle load, refer to vehicle owner's manual or tire information placard on the vehicle. Serious injury or death may result from explosion of tire/rim assembly due to improper mounting. Only tire professionals should mount tires and they should never inflate beyond 40 psi  to seat the beads.  Before mixing types of tires in any configuration on any vehicle, be sure to check the vehicle owner's manual for its recommendations.
DANGER:  Never mount a 16" diameter tire on a 16.5" rim.
DANGER:  Never mount a 17" diameter tire on a 17.5" rim.
Inflation pressure increase must not exceed the maximum pressure branded on the tire sidewall.  When a customer requests a replacement tire with a lower speed rating than the original equipment tire, you must clearly communicate to him or her that the handling of the vehicle may be different, and that its maximum speed capability is limited to that of the lowest speed-rated tire on the vehicle.  Exceeding the lawful speed limit is neither recommended nor endorsed.
For high-speed driving, additional inflation pressure and possibly reduced tire loading and/or upsizing is required.  In the absence of specific recommendations by the vehicle manufacturer, use the following guidelines based on those in the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization Standards Manual.
For speeds over 160km/h (100 mph), load and inflation must be adjusted according to the table below.
H-Speed Rated Sizes:
Maximum Speed (mph)     100     106     112     118     124     130
Inflation Increase (psi)     0.0     1.0     2.0     3.0     4.0     5.0
Load Capacity (% of max.)     100     100     100     100     100     100
V-Speed Rated Sizes:
Maximum Speed (mph)     100     106     112     118     124     130     136     143     149
Inflation Increase (psi)     0     1     2     3     4     5     5     5     5
Load Capacity (% of max)     100     100     100     100     100     100     97     94     91